Meeting Tonight!

Our next CUPON Spring Valley meeting will be tonight Thursday, May 10, from 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM at St Paul’s AME Zion Church, 121 West St.

Spring Valley is our home. We live here, work here, use the roads and the businesses, raise our children, attend services, and volunteer to help others. We have a busy downtown, large apartment buildings, and little houses on grassy lots with trees and yards.

Unfortunately, many of our green spaces are being bulldozed. Greedy landlords are letting houses and buildings fall into disrepair. They are illegally converting single family homes into boarding houses, creating fire and safety hazards for our residents. Gigantic new condos are replacing green lawns and trees, towering over the cozy residences which were the trademark of our village. Diversity is disappearing, as new construction is marketed to create segregated zones.

Spring Valley CUPON is formed, as one of many CUPON organizations in Rockland, to give the residents a voice in the boards that control our village. We invite you to join us as we unite to protect our neighborhoods!

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