Gov. Hochul – Intervene in Spring Valley NOW!

Gov. Hochul - Intervene in Spring Valley NOW!

Gov. Hochul, The systemic and pervasive lack of code enforcement in Ramapo and Spring Valley is a clear and present danger to the safety and well-being of our citizens. The evidence is clear and the time for action is now. The State must intervene to protect the health and safety of our residents, children and first responders. The action taken by the Dept. of State after the fatal fire in 2021 that took the life of Volunteer firefighter Jared Lloyd and an elderly resident he was trying to save was not sufficient to prevent another tragedy. Another FIVE residents of Spring Valley have died needlessly in a fire in a building owned by a slumlord. Hundreds of violations were only discovered AFTER the fire. Today, hundreds of buildings remain uninspected and the risk of yet another fatal fire is imminent. We call on you to take action which is commensurate with the scope and urgency of this crisis. NY State must take swift action to ensure that every dwelling used in Ramapo and Spring Valley is safe. The land use boards must also be taken over. As reported in the Journal News, “The Spring Valley Board of Trustees has allowed Jeremias (the slumlord who owned the building where the fatal fire took five lives) and other property owners to subdivide their properties to build additional profit-making housing units.” Gov. Hochul, the response up to now has only been blame shifting and finger pointing. The buck stops at your desk, we are asking you to intervene personally before tragedy strikes again. Sincerely,

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