Making News, Making Meetings!


Our next monthly meeting will be delayed due to a conflict with the Rent Guidelines Board Meeting.

We encourage everyone to turn out to this meeting, at Finklestein Library on Tuesday, June 11, at 7:00 PM.

The CUPON-SV meeting is rescheduled to the following Tuesday, June 18, at 7:00 PM at the First Baptist Church.

Our agenda will be to review and discuss the intense media scrutiny of our village and our issues. See you then!


Spring Valley has been in the news a lot lately! There have been several excellent articles and broadcasts covering the issues with overcrowded dilapidated housing and schools, and the rush of poorly planned new construction.

Also Senator Skoufis has begun investigations into these issues in our area. We hope they will lead to real consequences for those who exploit our community, and better quality of life for our neighborhoods!

Here is just a sample of the major media coverage of our issues:

Rockland Codes Initiatives sidesteps inspectors, goes after landlords

I-Team: Lawmakers Take Aim At Slumlords Violating Rules

State hearing rips Ramapo for lackluster code, fire safety enforcement

Zebrowski vows to prosecute illegal housing, safety code violations as district attorney

Rockland marks 4th year of housing crackdown, focusing on cleanups and violations

Rockland officials at odds over illegal housing crisis

State Senate hearing looks at housing code enforcement problems

I-Team: Illegal Housing Showdown in Rockland County


No May Meeting

Spring Valley CUPON regularly meets on the second Tuesday of each month. Today’s meeting (May 14 2019) has been cancelled.

There has been a lot of interest in our cause, including major media coverage, and we will have a lot to catch up on in June.

If you missed the fantastic investigative reporting by NBC reporter Sarah Wallace (or if you want to see it again) here it is:

I-Team: Illegal Housing Showdown in Rockland County

Exploding Controversy Over NY County Illegal Housing Battle

Controversy Over NY County Illegal Housing Battle

I-Team: Illegal Housing Crackdown in Rockland County

Upcoming Events:

Help support CUPON Spring Valley, CUPON Hillcrest and CUPON Clarkstown’s efforts to fight back against Ramapo’s plans to rezone the Pascack Ridge from single family R-15 (3-4 homes/acre) zoning to multi-family MR-12 (12 homes/acre) zoning by going to this ROSA Film Festival Fundraiser and by getting all your friends and neighbors to attend as well. It’s a 950 seat theater and CUPON wants to fill it to the brim with CUPON supporters. Let’s show Ramapo how CUPON can band together to make a difference.

ROSA 4 Rockland was a inspiration for the initial creation of CUPON. By hiring experts to represent neighborhood volunteers ROSA was able to fight the Patrick Farm project and win.  In 2014 and 2015 ROSA stood up for the Spring Valley/Hillcrest/Clarkstown communities to fight for the Town to declare that this rezoning request would have an impact on this environmentally sensitive property and that any rezoning request demanded a full environmental study. ROSA is still involved in analyzing the Final Environmental Impact Study that was released and has hired a planning expert to help.


BUSY? Please support CUPON by coming to our June 2nd Spaghetti Dinner – – or making a directed donation –

See you on May 20th and June 2nd!! Help us fill these important spring fundraising events!

Wednesday: Your Village on the Line!

Reminder: Village Board Meeting This Wednesday, April 17

Several public hearings about land use have been delayed until Wednesday, April 17. The village board is elected, we need to do more than vote, we need to attend meetings to be informed citizens, and to hold the elected officials accountable. The meeting usually starts at 8:00, but we will need to arrive early as the village frequently changes times with no notice to the public.

Come early, bring signs, be ready to speak out: “No more unplanned development, we need a moratorium until there is a plan!”

SV-CUPON Member to be honored

SV-CUPON Member to be honored at Martin Luther King Center Gala

Our own Vivian Street is being honored! Get your tickets today!

Enjoy an evening music, dancing, delicious food and wonderful fellowship, while celebrating those who work to bring Dr. King’s dream of a Beloved Community to life for us.

Sunday, April 14th, 2019 From 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at The Clubhouse at Patriot Hills.

The 2019 Honorees are…
Larry Beckerle, CEO, Beckerle Lumber
Goldie W. Bryant, Scientist, Martin Luther King Multi-Purpose Center Patron
Oswaldo Carrera, Manager/CEO, Food Fair Spring Valley
Oscar Cohen, Educator, Education Chairperson, Nyack and Spring Valley NAACP Branches
Doria Hillsman, Science Educator, Spring Valley High School, Secretary, Nyack NAACP Branch
Sabrina Hosang-Jordan, CEO, Caribbean Food Delights
Pierre Oscar, Polemarch, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc.
Vivian Street, Former New York State Administrator, Trustee Finkelstein Library, Executive Board, Spring Valley NAACP

Next Steps

SV-CUPON Meeting Tuesday

Please join us for our next regularly scheduled meeting, Tuesday April 9 at 7:00 PM at the First Baptist Church on Hoyt St. On the agenda: Organizing for another Rally at the next village board meeting, demanding that there be a moratorium on development until a new plan is completed.

Village Board Meeting April 17

Several public hearings about land use have been delayed until Wednesday, April 17. The village board is elected, we need to do more than vote, we need to attend meetings to be informed citizens, and to hold the elected officials accountable. The meeting usually starts at 8:00, but we will need to arrive early as the village frequently changes times with no notice to the public.

Hillcrest Progress

The Hillcrest CUPON has been making progress controlling the out-of-character proposals being made there. More info at

Three meetings

Disclaimer: The village website has not worked properly or worked at all for years. The village Clerk refuses to send email to the public announcing meetings. We rely on word of mouth from anyone who visits village hall for information.

Zoning Board

It is understood that the Zoning Board will meet on Tuesday April 2 at 7:00 PM. There are usually about a dozen items on the agenda.

Village Board

The village board of trustees is rumored to be meeting on Wednesday, April 3 at 8 PM. The village board has been taking up land use issues, mostly zone changes to permit high density development with no review of traffic, parking, air and noise pollution, etc.

Planning Board

There is some evidence that the planning board will meet on Thursday, April 4, at 7:00 PM. Decisions will be made that affect the quality of life and character of neighborhoods in Spring Valley. No one on the planning board will bother to ask how many trees will be cut down on any individual project, or cumulatively, but they will decide that there is no significant impact.

If this sounds like an April Fools joke to you, I am sorry to report it is not. Our village is in trouble. If you are reading this, it’s because you are one of those who cares, and wants to help. Step one is to COME TO AS MANY MEETINGS AS YOU CAN. No one can make all of the meetings, but if we each come to some, we can have a group presence!

Have you seen this?

Full House!

Thanks to everyone who came to the rally on March 19! We filled the room and let the board know we will hold them accountable! 

The agenda included six public hearings – a ridiculous overload that would only have been feasible if they only rubber-stamped the mayor’s agenda. The items included zone changes that would enable more destruction of the few trees left in the village, and more housing right up against the train depot. Fortunately, the public was not having it! We questioned the impacts on traffic, air pollution, quality of life, gentrification, and more. They had to table most of the items for the next meeting. We will be back!

Rally Tuesday

Attention Spring Valley CUPON Supporters:

We will hold a short rally before the next village board meeting on Tuesday, March 19!

We will gather at 7:30 in front of village hall, 200 N Main St.

We will protest the unfair, discriminatory housing practices, the explosion of exclusive gated segregated housing that is causing extreme traffic, and the destruction of green space, wooded areas, streams and wildlife in our village.

CUPON Spring Valley is calling for an immediate Moratorium on development until a full study and new plan are completed. Join us by signing today! Then share!!!

Sign the Petition Here:

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Did you know?That SV CUPON is part of the larger CUPON family?

Read all about it in the Journal News: