Kangaroo Zoning

In Spring Valley

When a proposal fails to pass, the Spring Valley ZBA brings it up again for “reconsideration”. If there are still not enough votes to pass it, they continue to bring it up until the members who oppose are absent. Then a “substitute” member can give the YES vote to arrive at the predetermined outcome. Sometimes they have to extend the time for “reconsideration” if the dissenting members have not been absent.

The Mindless Chainsaw


  • Particulate matter (PM) is microscopic particles that become trapped in the lungs
  • This can cause Asthma and Lung Cancer.
  • The average reduction of particulate matter near a tree is between 7-24%
  • the cooling effect near a tee is up to 3.6 degrees!


  • How many trees have been cut down in our village this year?
  • How many acres of green have been covered in asphalt and concrete?
  • What are the effects of the health of our people?

These are questions our village government should be able to answer. The details would be included in a comprehensive plan. This is one reason why having a plan, updating the plan, and following the plan are so important.


Our Issue on the Front Page!

The Journal News has featured our issue on the front page of the Sunday edition!

They report that: Spring Valley fails to provide public documents under FOIL, lacks transparency

Reporter Steve Lieberman found that “the village has missed deadlines or failed to provide The Journal News/lohud with agendas of government meetings, votes during those meetings, and minutes about who spoke during the sessions.”

He also quoted an email from SV CUPON member Steve White to the village, saying “It appears that the village of Spring Valley is trying it’s best to make these public meetings into private ones,”

Getting the attention of the major media is an important step in achieving our goal of holding our village planning and zoning boards accountable for the safety of all our citizens.

It is very important that everyone try to make the meetings this Wednesday, November 28!

The meetings will be at village hall, 200 N Main St, and start at 7:00 PM.

Items on the agenda will include granting a use variance for property on the corner of Main St. and Sneden Pl W.

The use variance is for converting this property into a school. There has been a small school operating illegally (the previous Building Inspector had wrongly issued a certificate of occupancy) for years.

However, a use variance is attached to the current occupant, it would apply to any future occupant, regardless of the size!

This particular section of Main St. already has:

  • two large schools
  • village hall
  • the police department
  • two large churches
  • a shopping mall
  • several apartment buildings

AND it is the only access for the hundreds of condo units on Sneden Pl. and Creekside Circle!!!

At the same time that the ZBA will be holding this public hearing, the village board is holding its own public hearing on a land use permit on the corner of Ewing Ave and Rose Ave. They decided to hold both hearings on the same night, even though residents complained about it the last time they did it.

You are also encouraged to attend the next SV CUPON meeting which will take place on Tuesday, December 11 at 7:00 PM at the First Baptist Church. The address is 3 Hoyt St.

Two Meetings Wednesday

The village has scheduled both the village board and the ZBA for the same day, Wednesday November 28.

Each meeting will have a public hearing on land use issues.

The last time this happened, residents came into the ZBA from the village hearing, and expressed that they would have liked to attend the ZBA but were unable to because of the village board meeting conflict.

Over 160 projects are having public hearings this year alone. Are these projects being approved after reasonable deliberation? Or is the process arbitrary and capricious? Or is there an informal plan, a tacit agreement between the village officials and the developers that bypasses the processes required by open government laws?

It is our village. We are paying their salries, we have a right to be informed what they are doing with our money in our name. It starts by showing up to the meetings. They can be long and boring, but you don’t have to come every time and you don’t have to stay. We can each do a part. We can do this together. See you Wednesday.

ZBA meeting starts at 7:00

village board meeting 8:00 with 7:00 workshop.

Both meetings are at village hall.


Reminder: Spring Valley CUPON Meetings This Week

After a brief hiatus, SV-CUPON is back with a new meeting place and time. 

Our next meeting will be at the First Baptist Church, 3 Hoyt Street, on Tuesday, Nov 13 at 7:00 PM.

The ZBA (Zoning Board of Appeals) meeting is Wednesday, Nov 14 at 7:30 PM in the village hall.

Don’t be a wallflower! Get involved, come to our meetings, or the village meetings. 

The schedule is on our calendar page. We are looking forward to seeing you!

Public Hearing for Ewing Ave Project

The village board is proposing to downzone property on the corner of Ewing Ave and Rose Ave. There will be a hearing on Wednesday, Nov 7 at 8:15 PM at village hall (200 N Main St)

The proposed project would bulldoze one of the last wooded areas in the village. This is one of over 160 proposed developments being considered just this year by the village government.

There has been no consideration of the cumulative impact on the infrastructure – traffic, schools, etc.

If you live in Spring Valley, you know that traffic has become a nightmare.

There is also a crisis of space in schools. There are children in trailers and some have been without even running water or electricity.

Please join us on Wednesday as we call for reasonable limits to development, based on careful analysis of environmental factors.

We are back!

After a brief hiatus, SV-CUPON is back with a new meeting place and time. Many thanks to St. Paul’s AME for allowing us to use their space for several meetings earlier this year.

Our next meeting will be at the First Baptist Church, 3 Hoyt Street, on Tuesday, Nov 13 at 7:00 PM.

What has been happening with land use boards in Spring Valley? These include the village board, the planning board, and the ZBA. SV-CUPON members have attended several meetings.

On a technical level, you could say the land use boards are dysfunctional. The meetings are chaotic. The agendas and minutes are unavailable. The web site has been down for months.

However, in another sense, the boards are functioning just as the leadership intends them to function.They are enriching speculators and developers by approving ever-increasing density on ever-smaller lots, at the expense of the quality of life of the residents of the village.

Fortunately, Rockland County is doing what it can to control the irresponsible village boards. When the village ignores laws that require county input, the developers find that they can’t get water or sewer hookups from the county. This has forced many projects back to the village boards.

You can read the opinions of the Rockland County Planning board at: http://rocklandgov.com/departments/planning/land-use/general-municipal-law/gml-reviews-by-municipality-2/

In 2018 alone, there were 160 applications from Spring Valley reviewed by the Rockland County Planning Board. Compare this to Nyack, which had three, and Haverstraw, which had 7.

The reason there are so many projects in Spring Valley is that the village has essentially announced that it will not defend its code. Things that would never fly elsewhere are almost guaranteed to pass in Spring Valley.

Even when the County Planning Board recommends disapproval, saying that “doubling of the residential density … will generate more traffic on the local streets, leading to congestion and traffic conflicts (and) an oversized residential building on an undersized parcel … will set a precedent that will negatively impact its community character”. the village boards actually override the county board, over the objections of neighbors, who affirm the findings of the county.

Don’t be a wallflower! Get involved, come to our meetings, or the village meetings. The schedule is on our calendar page. We are looking forward to seeing you!

CUPON Supporter on Ballot

This Thursday, Sept 13 will be the Democratic Primary Election.

CUPON supporter Vivian Street is on the ballot for the NY State Democratic Committee (District 97).

If you are a registered Democrat, please do not fail to go vote and support our sister Vivian.


Tomorrow, Wednesday Sept 12 will be the continuation of the public hearing on the yeshiva at Stonehedge Plaza. Please make every effort to attend this important ZBA hearing.

Stonehedge is Back!


Wednesday August 22 at 7:00 PM at Spring Valley Village Hall (enter st the Police door)

Please make every effort to attend this meeting!

This Wednesday, August 22, the public hearing for a use variance for the school at Stonehedge Plaza (across the street from village hall) will continue. This parcel was never zoned for a school, and yet the previous Building Inspector gave them permission (accidentally?). At the first meeting where this was discussed (February 27) concerns were raised about having so many schools right on Main St, especially on the section between Ewing and Hickory which there is nowhere for the traffic to go. Also the suitability of the site for a school was questioned as it is just office space and a parking lot.

Report from Ramapo Town Board meeting:

Several members of Spring Valley CUPON attended a Ramapo Town board meeting about the Pascack Ridge proposal. Here is a report from CUPON founder Micheal Miller:

This meeting was held last night with a standing room only audience. CUPON members, and other Hillcrest and Spring Valley residents came out in numbers. Residents from Clarkstown, Orangetown, and Stony Point came out in support of us also. Several noteworthy elected officials were there and spoke in our behalf including Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffee, Rockland County legislator Cris Carey, and Councilman’s Pete Bradley and Pat Carroll from Clarkstown.

The developers presented a very skillful slide show where they depicted 293 units, 3 stories tall, as a harmonious improvement for the town and neighborhood. Their main theme was “more housing is needed” and this is the ideal spot for it. Our basic rebuttal message was: piecemeal Comprehensive Plan changes (down-zoning); housing segregation; overdevelopment; inadequate infrastructure; wildlife; traffic; and community character concerns, all of which this plan is ignoring. There were a couple of speakers that made anti-Semitic remarks, which only serves divisiveness and does not represent the views of CUPON or the community as a whole.

There was no vote or decision at this meeting. Written Public comments will be accepted until Monday, August 27th, 2018. After that the builder will prepare responses to all of the relevant questions and concerns raised. I believe this will be followed with another Town Council meeting where they will decide the next steps.