Who Profits, Who Pays, Who Dies, Who Lies?

Who Profits, Who Pays, Who Dies, Who Lies?

After the horrific Evergreen Nursing Home Fire, NY State ordered that Rockland County take over Code Enforcement from the village of Spring Valley. The County Legislature has to pass a resolution to make this happen. At their January 18 meeting, Jay Hood, the chairman of the legislature, prevented a vote, saying the NY Secretary of State wants to see if the law is constitutional. However, when the Journal News asked, the Secretary said he “has full confidence in the constitutionality”. Chairman Hood then said his comment was “blown out of proportion”.

This action is responding to a deadly fire, and hopefully will prevent another one in our village. If you are going to block a vote, you ought to have a really good reason. There is – of course – a reason, but it apparently is not a pretty one, as it seems to be worth telling an obvious lie to hide.

Who Profits? Developers and Speculators, and the politicians that cater to them.

Who Pays? The Public, you and me.

Who Dies? Sadly, it is the elderly who can’t get out on their own, the poor who live in dangerous dilapidated firetraps, and our brave volunteer firemen and women who run into danger to protect us.

Who Lies? Jay Hood, the Chairman of the Rockland County Legislature.

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