Our chance to make our collective voices heard!

Our chance to make our collective voices heard!

ATTN CUPON: Important meetings Monday and Tuesday


The Ramapo Zoning Board of Appeals has scheduled a ‘special meeting” for the Bluefield Extension project. This meeting will be for public comments only. The final decision will be made on July 24th or 25th .

This is the project we have been opposing for the last 3 years. It will affect Hillcrest primarily, but all of Ramapo and beyond will be affected by the decision this Board will make. They are ‘spot zoning” an area in the hamlet of Hillcrest designated for single family homes on 1/3 of an acre to one that will allow 15 or more housing units per acre.

This is our chance for all CUPON’s to make our collective voices heard in a major way.  We need to come out and fill the room with CUPON members to demonstrate our opposition to this proposed action.

You may or may not want to speak at this meeting, either way your presence will be felt and will influence this Board. There are times when member CUPON’s can make a difference on projects not directly related to their areas, this is one of them.

The meeting information is as follows:

Place: Ramapo Zoning Board of Appeals, 237 Route 59, Suffern, NY

Date: Monday July 8th, 2019

Time: 7:00 pm.


Spring Valley CUPON monthly meeting

Tuesday, July 9 at 7:00 PM

First Baptist Church, corner Hoyt and Parker in Spring Valley

Agenda will include reviewing ongoing media attention to dysfunction in the village, plans for future action.


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