Your Voice Counts!

Your Voice Counts!

Thick as Thieves

Our village has been in the news again this week because the county personnel dept found that the mayor had illegally hired his friend. At the public hearing on March 6, the same friend was re-hired as a “consultant”, bypassing civil service law. 

The Journal News: Spring Valley rehires Anthony Mallia after Rockland disqualified him on felony conviction

Traffic Drives Call for Moratorium

Several people spoke at the meeting about traffic issues on Union Rd. CUPON has been monitoring development applications on Union Rd, and has noted there are hundreds of new units pending approval or under construction. The failure of the village to consider the cumulative impact of these projects is the main reason the Rockland County Planning Board has issues disapproval recommendations on so many applications.

CUPON addresses traffic concerns

Petition for a Moratorium Now!

CUPON Spring Valley is calling for an immediate Moratorium on development until a full study and new plan are completed. Join us by signing today! Then share!!!

Sign the Petition Here

Meeting Announcements:

Our next CUPON meeting will be Tuesday, March 12 at 7:00 PM at the First Baptist Church, 6 Hoyt St, Spring Valley.

The next village board meeting will be Tuesday, March 19. There will be several public hearings to approve dozens of new units on already crowded streets with no study of the cumulative impact. We will ask that no projects be approved without proper studies and a new plan.

We will hold a brief rally outside the March 19 board meeting. Please arrive at 7:30 in front of village hall.

The village board rejected the mayor’s call to abdicate responsibility for development approvals. They have made it clear they want a voice in the process. Your participation in village board meetings can have an impact on the decisions. Join Us!

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