Moratorium NOW!

Moratorium NOW!

SV-CUPON is calling for a moratorium on new development until a new plan is developed. 

  • It has been decades since the village revised it’s master plan.
  • During that time hundreds of new projects have been constructed, including office space, shopping, housing and industrial.
  • The average resident of Spring Valley has not benefited from the construction boom.
  • The majority of the construction has been out of the reach of the average resident, resulting in gentrification.
  • Gated, whites-only developments are replacing diverse neighborhoods in our village.
  • Lots with lawns and trees are being replaced with concrete and asphalt.
  • The resulting cumulative increase in traffic, noise and air pollution, loss of green space, etc. is obvious to all who live here, but has not been quantitatively reviewed.
  • There are currently over 160 projects under consideration by the various boards, most of which are recommended for disapproval by the Rockland County Planning Board because there has been no consideration of the cumulative impact, among other factors.

Therefore, to protect the health and quality of life of the residents of Spring Valley, SV-CUPON calls on the Mayor and the Village Board to enact a moratorium until a new master plan has been created.

Sign our petition for a Moratorium NOW!

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