Two Meetings Wednesday

Two Meetings Wednesday

The village has scheduled both the village board and the ZBA for the same day, Wednesday November 28.

Each meeting will have a public hearing on land use issues.

The last time this happened, residents came into the ZBA from the village hearing, and expressed that they would have liked to attend the ZBA but were unable to because of the village board meeting conflict.

Over 160 projects are having public hearings this year alone. Are these projects being approved after reasonable deliberation? Or is the process arbitrary and capricious? Or is there an informal plan, a tacit agreement between the village officials and the developers that bypasses the processes required by open government laws?

It is our village. We are paying their salries, we have a right to be informed what they are doing with our money in our name. It starts by showing up to the meetings. They can be long and boring, but you don’t have to come every time and you don’t have to stay. We can each do a part. We can do this together. See you Wednesday.

ZBA meeting starts at 7:00

village board meeting 8:00 with 7:00 workshop.

Both meetings are at village hall.


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