Public Hearing for Ewing Ave Project

Public Hearing for Ewing Ave Project

The village board is proposing to downzone property on the corner of Ewing Ave and Rose Ave. There will be a hearing on Wednesday, Nov 7 at 8:15 PM at village hall (200 N Main St)

The proposed project would bulldoze one of the last wooded areas in the village. This is one of over 160 proposed developments being considered just this year by the village government.

There has been no consideration of the cumulative impact on the infrastructure – traffic, schools, etc.

If you live in Spring Valley, you know that traffic has become a nightmare.

There is also a crisis of space in schools. There are children in trailers and some have been without even running water or electricity.

Please join us on Wednesday as we call for reasonable limits to development, based on careful analysis of environmental factors.

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