Snow Delays

Both the village board and the SV-CUPON meetings were delayed by this weeks snow.

The postponements are available on the SV-CUPON webpage calendar.

You will notice that our calendar is more up to date about the village meetings than the villages own calendar!!!

For updates about SV-CUPON meetings, send a blank email to

A brief recap of recent meetings: There has been massive confusion at meetings, with the microphones and recording instruments not working, too many items on the agenda, no one knowing what public hearings have been scheduled, no one knowing who are the members of the board (no kidding!) We have been promised it will “get better”; that’s a pretty low bar.

The village of Spring Valley, despite all the dysfunction, still feels confident enough to override the Rockland County Planning Board every chance they get. The concerns of the County board echo those of Spring Valley residents. Why is there a disconnect between the village boards and the public?

We hope you will join SV-CUPON in our efforts. We are one of many CUPON groups formed recently in Rockland County seeking to protect our environment.

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